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Tone Generator Analog Synthesizer Type

The SY-1 and SY-2 are the first compact/portable analog synthesizers produced by Yamaha. They are single-VCO synthesizers (derived from the GX-1) with preset sounds and synthesis capabilities. The SY-1 and SY-2 were designed as accessories to the larger organs and pianos of the time—compact and light enough to sit atop an organ (or piano) and adorned with controls and switches. One listen to the SY-1 or SY-2 and you'll hear the signature classic synth sound that defined Yamaha throughout their more famous CS-series.

Keyboards 37 keys
Polyphony mono
Dimensions 900 (W) x 320 (D) x 200 (H) mm
Weight 21kg


What's in your analog synth collection??????

...SDS-8 Soundmaster Disco Beat Syntecno: - Tee Bee Mk1 ULT-Sound: - DS-2 Wadorf: - Pulse - Pulse+ - Pulse+ Wersi: - Baß-Synthesizer Yamaha: - CS01 - CS01 - CS01 - CS01 (black) - CS-15 - SY-1 - SY-2 Whole list see here Phil

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Baloran ‘The River’ Synthesizer

...last time I found an instrument that inspiring was the JD-800 in 1991. And maybe (on a different level) the SY-2 and PE-2000... Thank you, Laurent, for this absolutely stunning and beautiful instrument! Can't wait to hug you at Superbooth! Cheers, Bert

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What is the oldest piece of gear currently in your studio..?

Short update: Jupiter-4, Sigma and Lambda have been sold, RX-100 is on the chopping block a.k.a. flea-market box. Oldest piece nowadays must be my newly-acquired Minipops 7, which is probably not much younger than me. And I have four pieces of Gründerzeit furniture in the studio, dating from the 1870s - but that's not gear. In our living-room we...

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