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The Yamaha NS-10 is a loudspeaker that became a standard nearfield studio monitor in the music industry among rock and pop recording engineers. Launched in 1978, the NS-10 started life as a bookshelf speaker destined for the domestic environment. It was poorly received but eventually became a valuable tool with which to mix rock recordings. The speaker has a characteristic white-coloured mid–bass drive unit.

Technically, it is known as a speaker that easily reveals poor quality in recordings. Recording engineers sought to dull its treble response by hanging tissue paper in front of it, resulting in what became known as the "tissue paper effect", a type of comb filtering. The NS-10 has been used to monitor a large number of successful recordings by numerous artists, leading Gizmodo to refer to it as "the most important loudspeaker you never heard of".[1] Yamaha discontinued the product in 2001.


Help me pick some monitors

...G2 - $500 KRK VXT 6 - $970 Mackie HR624 - $1150 JBL LSR4326P - $1150 KRK RP6 G2 and Yamaha NS-10 Pro - $1080 (I would use a cheap amp for the ns10 but eventually upgrade it) ATM I work mainly on my music which is House. Though I would love to mix and master...

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What is the sluttiest thing you have bought this year so far?

...32 Channel with CAD Megamix Automation and full patchbay Preamp Universal Audio Twinfinity 710 Interface / Converter SSL Alpha Link AX MOTU 828 MkII Monitors Quested S7R Yamaha NS-10 Pro Mics Nevaton MC51 CAD Equitek E-300 (Original US) 2x Shure SM57 FX Lexicon 300 Behringer V-Verb Aphex Aural Exciter 104 Meters RTW 1119E RTW 1120 Software Pro Tools 10 Toontrack EZDrummer Slate Trigger EX, VTM, VCC, SSD4 Essential 3 iLoks Miscellaneous Studiorack Monitorstands Furman Powerconditioner Mogami Patchcables Mogami Snakes for the console some Toslink /...

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Question about Yamaha NS10

Hi people! I'm just looking for a pair of Yamaha NS-10 PRO because they are the version for vertical use, but they are pretty hard to find in the classifieds. The STUDIO version are the same speaker but for horizontal use ... I was thinking if only flipping the drivers will do the trick...

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