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Sixteen voice polyphonic synthesizer with sound generation on Frequency Modulation (FM) principle. It has 6 operator digital processing blocks rated at 16 bit. The LFO can do sine, square, triangle, saw up, saw down and random. It has 6 envelope generators with 8 parameters each. It can store 32 patches in it's memory. The keyboard has 61 keys. It was in production during the years 1983-1987 and was one of the most popular synthesizers of it's time.


Leak: Korg DX7 Clone? The OPSIX

I have been looking at this for awhile and recently discovered that the Yamaha MODX can play DX7 tones with a few limitations. I am hoping that if/when the Opsix ever comes out it is significantly less expensive than the MODX (like half), otherwise it would seem the MODX would give a lot...

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Someone please make a damn rack sampler! Now!!!! Or else...

...Why would anyone want CV/Gate when MIDI exists. 1983. Why would anyone want to have an analogue synth when the DX7 can do much more. 1985. Why would anyone want a hardware sequencer when the Atari ST exist. 1999. Why would anyone want hardware effects when VST exists. 2020. Why would anyone want a hardware...

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Tears for Fears "Song from Big Chair" and "Sowing the Seeds of Love"

Some cool new insights on the synths used in "Everybody Wants to Rule the World" in this article - Always thought this track was mostly Prophet, didn't know most of it was Yamaha DX7

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