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DX5 incorporates
the Yamaha exclusive digital FM voice generation system which can be programmed to produce the most vibrant, dynamic, natural-sounding voices of any synthesizer system available >128 pre—programmed voices are provided with your DX5, but you can program any number of your own voices and store them on optional RAM data cartridges. Two FM voice generator channels are provided which you can use individually, combined, or in the split keyboard mode. The DX5 offers more than just spectacular voices, however, it also has one of the most comprehensive performance effect systems available. ln addition to the common pitch and modulation wheels, you have keyboard initial touch
response, after touch response, foot controller and Yamaha's unique breath controller (foot controller and breath controller are options). Each of these controllers can be programmed to produce an extremely broad variety of effects, many of which are simply not achievable with conventional synthesizer systems. What's more the DX5 has a special performance memory which can store up to 64 combinations of voices and performance
effect parameters, so all you need to do is press a button to call out a voice or voice combination, each with its own unique set of performance parameters. The DX5 is also equipped with a MIDI interface, permitting it to communicate and be used with other
MIDI compatible products to create a state-of—the art digital music system.
The Yamaha DX5 is a sophisticated, fully professional performance or recording keyboard.


Yamaha DX5 - Worth $1200???

I found a DX5 in great condition (that is what they say, but I still need to check it out later this week) at a local Pawn Shop that I could probably pick up for around $1200 to $1300. Assuming it is in great condition, I was wondering what present or past DX5...

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"Sounds like the 80's" - Does it really?

...synth all over her early stuff. Thomas Dolby??? He was pretty big and played the JP8. Although he played a DX5 with Bowie at Live Aid. This is the first time I have ever heard someone say the 80’s weren’t synth heavy.

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Montage and MODX current and former owners: What’s your opinion now?

Regarding FM programming on the MODX/Montage – this is only area of its UI, in my view, that actually is an improvement on past Yamaha products. Everything else, not so much.

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