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16 MB of hot dance music wave sounds for use with 256 cool Preset and 256 programmable User Performances, each with up to 4 freely mappable voice "Layers" - 779 normal voices and 30 drum kits (XG format with deeper sonic dimensions), with 64 notes polyphony - 8 realtime Sound Control knobs (2 assignable) give you total control over every contour and texture of your sound as you play - 2 "Scene" memories in each Performance permit instant recall of favorite Sound Control knob positions, plus realtime morphing between Scenes via the Modulation Wheel - Arpeggiator with 40 pattern types and10 timing resolution subdivisions, plus MIDI output of Arpeggiator data - Panel edit matrix gives you quick and easy setup and control over numerous Performance and Multi parameters - 3 independent digital effects units which can be used simultaneously, including 12 Reverb types, 14 Chorus types and 62 Variation types - 16-part multitimbral operation for XG and GM song playback (with an external sequencer or computer) - 1 Performance (with up to 4 Layers) plus 12-part multitimbral capability for adding externally sequenced backing to your realtime play - Built-in TO HOST computer interface simplifies desktop music system setup - Stereo LINE INPUT for mixing in audio signals from a sampler, CD player or other system component - Accepts CS1x bulk data


Yamaha CS2X Synth

... The Yamaha CS1-X was Yamaha's low cost answer to the Nordlead at the time it came out. The Yamaha CS2-X was an improvement on the sound quality of the CS1-X making it much brighter sounding although it had many of the same presets. Although my CS1-X is digital sounding, it usually makes...

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Cleaning the nastiest synth I ever bought (photos)

A couple days ago I decided to buy a secondhand Yamaha CS2x from a local eBay equivalent. Since I didn't have much time this week I told the seller to send it to me, since the seller was from the same city it would just take 1 day to receive. Yesterday the mailman delivered the...

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What Synth to choose for EBM/Industrial?

That's a pretty awesome synth group you've got there. I'd love to hear the combination in action. Also what I did with the JX10 was I sold mine to get a JX8P. A JX10 is just two JX8P's layered, but with no way to edit patches over MIDI. It's a bit cheaper that way and you...

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