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XLN Audio Modern Upright
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Yamaha U3 Upright Piano
Our Modern Upright is based on a Yamaha U3 piano in excellent condition that was recorded with great care in a large auditorium. This auditorium is a soundstage that is mainly used to broadcast live performances with very high acoustical standards. The room has a detailed ambience with a medium/long decay time.

Modern Upright features seven microphone perspectives ranging from close to far, floor to soundboard and mono to stereo. This gives you nearly limitless sound design options and lets you tailor the sound of the piano to the exact needs of your song, all within the Addictive Keys engine.

Helping you Learn and Discover Sounds
Our Gallery page (accessed by pressing the "Gallery" button) shows general information about the installed Addictive Keys instruments as well as those available in the online shop. The bottom of the Gallery page shows thumbnails of the available ExploreMaps for the currently selected instrument.

The ExploreMap page (accessed by pressing the "Explore" button) contains a selection of presets that you can easily preview and select with one click. This makes it easy to explore the various possible sounds. Many ExploreMaps also contain convenient macro controllers for fast/easy editing.


I think I need something like Omnisphere

...I think I need some more diversity in my palette of sounds. Right now my synths are: Addictive Keys Studio Grand, Modern Upright, Mark One, Electric Grand DCAM Synth Squad with the Antiquity & Electricity preset packs Dexed with the Blackwinny cart Synth1 with the Mr. Wobble presets Vol I & II VirtualCZ Waves Element For drums I have Native Instruments...

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XLN Addictive Keys - Studio Grand, Modern Upright, Mark One and Electric Grand

...buying the sonnicouture EP73 Rhodes sample library. How does the XLN Mark One compare to that? Thinking of going for the Modern Upright and either the Studio Grand or Mark One (whichever is less redundant considering the Soniccouture offerings)...not sure the Electric Grand is a sound I'd use in my productions, though what do you...

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Kurzweil PC4

You will have show that for me to believe it. I have a modern upright and an assortment of synths and keybeds of varying age. Every single one will out repeat the acoustic. Upright action is notoriusly slow, and only in the 60's did it begin to improve, or so I've been lead to...

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