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Warm and Intimate Tones

Fender Rhodes Mk. 1 Stage Piano
Classic and Intimate Sound
7 Different recording perspectives

Fender Rhodes Mk. 1 Stage Piano
Our Mark One instrument is based on a Fender Rhodes Mk. 1 electric piano. The Rhodes Mk. 1 has been the most popular electric piano for more than four decades and is heard on countless hit records. Rhodes pianos can vary in sound, and this particular instrument was selected for its unmistakable warmth and intimacy.

While the instrument's line output can be recorded "direct," it is often played through an amplifier to add some crunch and character. For this recording, we used a MusicMan 112 RD Fifty 1x12". Different recording setups can be mixed and matched to give you endless sound design options!

With the tube combo set up in a large recording room, vintage microphones was positioned at both close and far away perspective capturing the amp close-up and with natural ambience. To add variety, three mics were positioned next up to the speaker; a dynamic, a tube condenser and a ribbon microphone. One floor and one room microphone setup were used for the option of adding depth and ambience to the recordings.

In addition to the acoustical recordings, two line signals were also recorded: One "direct" through high-voltage DI box and another through the classic Roland Dimension D analog stereo chorus.


Best sampled Rhodes today?

I've searched the globe for the best Rhodes and my favorites come from the same shop... PureMagnetiks 1. Mark One Brooklyn $15 2. Mark Two Berlin $15 Or both for $29 Both Rhodes libraries feature Tone, Drive, Space, Phaser, Chorus and Tremelo knobs. They also come with a number of audio loops for inspiration. Have to mention their PM-200...

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Best sampled Rhodes today?

An excellent list. highly appreciated, to which I would add Keyscape from Spectrasonics - the big daddy, lots of polished, production ready sounds, very high quality sampling, a plethora of effects possibilities. What's important is to understand the perspective, I think this will have a huge range of sounds that you could pick one close to...

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Best sampled Rhodes today?

Just checked out the demo on youtube. I know, I know. But the video really sounded gorgeous. Will have to check this one out in real life. Thanks for the suggestion.

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