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Pulse 2 Analog Synthesizer

Waldorf Pulse 2 Analog Synthesizer
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The Waldorf Pulse 2 monophonic analog synthesizer module houses the soul of its legendary trance-inducing mid-'90s ancestor: three analog oscillators and a true analog cascading filter, but Waldorf didn't stop there. The filter circuits now give you Highpass and Bandpass modes that the original didn't have. Also new is analog Filter FM and Ring Modulation, as well as "paraphonic" modes that allow up to 8-voice chords. You also get a powerful arpeggiator, an 8-slot modulation matrix, a large LCD display, and USB. With 500 fully-editable presets, you'll never run out of inspiration from the Waldorf Pulse 2.


Waldorf Quantum

Waldorf can go screw themselves. I'm not spending another cent on them until they fix the Pulse 2 OS.

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I bought a load of hardware synths......because because I'm an idiot

...a half in rebuilding my studio from scratch, I have bought (and sold) the following hardware... (in order of appearance) Waldorf Pulse 2 Korg Minilogue Novation Peak Roland System-8 Roland TR-08 (sold) Casio CZ-1 Elektron Analog Rytm mkII (sold) Akai S3000XL (+upgrades. for sale) Elektron Analog Heat mkII Mood Subsequent 37 Korg Prologue (sold due to tuning problem but re-bought) DSI Rev2 (sold) Korg Prologue Korg Monologue (for...

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Myvolts Ripcord. Any users out there?

... I ordered the usb power cables for the following: Elektron digitone, digitakt, cycles, samples, Bastl MG2, Microfreak, Drumbrute Impact, Blofeld, Pulse 2, DX200, System-1m, TD-3, and Minilogue xd. Most of these machines are portable, none of mine have a keyboard.

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