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"The Globe" microphone uses a large size dual diaphragm capsule and is designed for detailed and neutral sound - with transparent highs, smooth midrange with minimal presence and close to flat low-end response. It has a cardioid polar pattern.

"The Globe" series of cardioid studio microphones are designed for world-class recording situations where sound quality and musical character is of utmost importance. "The Globe Standard" uses a large size dual diaphragm VD67 capsule and is tuned for a classic, wide-spectrum microphone sound ideal for instrument or orchestral applications. "The Globe Vintage" uses a different large size dual-diaphragm VD47 capsule providing a sweet and warm, vintage vocal microphone sound.

Both models utilize an isolated spherical head assembly constructed of brass mesh for maximum acoustical transparency. The large dual-diaphragm true electrostatic condenser capsules use the highest quality 6-micron Mylar film. The diaphragms are tensioned and adjusted on precisely-made brass backplates and sputtered with a special-formula gold mixture. This process gives a faster impulse transient response without sound coloration or low-frequency reduction and adds the ability to handle louder sound pressure levels.

The internal solid state preamplifier of the microphone is a Class 'A' fully discrete transformerless circuit, built using only the highest quality components. The circuit is designed to achieve the highest audio standards and provides a flat frequency response, high dynamics, ultra-low self-noise, and very low audio distortion of all types. "The Globe" should be used with high quality, regulated 48V phantom power. Rugged microphone construction and 2 internal shockmounts (one for the capsule and one for the electronics) effectively reduce stand rumble, outside infrasonic interference and mechanical shocks.


JZ microphones Vintage 67

...nice mic but not what I'd consider a dark mic, very balanced and somewhat modern. It's related to the Violet Design Globe Standard and Amethyst Vintage because of the capsule design which are both great cardiod all purpose mics. I believe we're getting into the Violet Design/JZ capsule discussion that I don't...

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JZ microphones Vintage 67

I'll quote you with some additional info on JZ capsules. In reality there are only a few basic capsule models designed by Juris Zarins (JZ). They are numbered JZ001, JZ002, JZ003 and so on. These designs have a unique backplate that can be tuned by screwing them in and out, and allowing more or less...

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U87 vs Milab VIP-50 vs Telefunken M-16 your best bet. Plus Ben Sneesby lives in your country.. What do you want more..? ;) Another option might be a Violet Design Globe Vintage (I think at it as a kind of u47 FET type of mic). If budget were less of an issue I'd try to scout a used Neumann M149, smoother/different mids than...

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