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The Black Knight

Violet Design The Black Knight
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"The Black Knight" uses a large dual-diaphragm, side-terminated, condenser capsule. It possesses a detailed and natural musical sound with transparent highs, smooth midrange with a subtle vocal presence bump at 3kHz, flat low-frequency response and a unidirectional cardioid polar pattern.

The acoustically open transducer head minimizes internal resonances and reflections so that even the tiniest sound details are authentically captured. An integrated swivel-mount allows for fast and handy positioning of the transducer head. The internal phantom powered preamplifier's Class 'A' fully discrete transformerless circuit provides very high output, flat audio-response and ultra-low distortion and noise. Gold-plated contacts on the output connector provide a noise-free connection.

This microphone is in a totally different league than most other products at the same price point. The Black Knight is a very accomplished and well-balanced design, offering real value for money, and would make an excellent first mic for anyone setting up a home studio on a reasonable budget, easily delivering quality results from any source.


Blue mouse or TLM102

...the few I own) is really outstanding. It screams QUALITY! Another GREAT LDC contender even below your price range is the Violet Design Black Knight...I still don't know how they could pack such a great microphone for so less..seriously it's a serious GREAT allround mic, with very nice highs and a big tight bottom, not...

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TLM 49 or TLM 107 for vocals, guitars, and piano?

...Do you a favour and test them out. :) Another mic that should be mentioned when on the budget is the Violet Design Black Knight (and other Violet Design mics as well), although since the "new" ownership I don't know if the manufacturing is as high quality as before.. I'm reading some reports over here...

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Inexpensive LDC's for overheads?

The Violet Design Black Knight should be a very good contender. Great allround mic for the money. Maybe a Lewitt 540 S, might also do, although a little bit more expensive.. (never tried the lewitt 441 on drums though that might be an option as well..) howdy Cheu

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