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The Amethyst Vintage

Violet Design The Amethyst Vintage
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"The Amethyst" Vintage uses dual diaphragm VD67 capsule and is designed for that classic warm sound we know from the classic vintage microphones. It has a slightly wider cardioid polar pattern.

"The Amethyst Vintage" has a grey/blue body and uses a dual large-diaphragm, center terminated dual back plate capsule which provides a classical, wide-spectrum, vintage microphone sound. Both models have a unidirectional cardioid polar pattern with minimal proximity effect and are linear over the wide frontal incidence angle. An acoustically transparent head construction reduces internal resonances and reflections. The internal capsule shockmount along with the massive body construction reduces stand rumble, outside infrasonic interference and mechanical shocks.


JZ microphones Vintage 67

...I'd consider a dark mic, very balanced and somewhat modern. It's related to the Violet Design Globe Standard and Amethyst Vintage because of the capsule design which are both great cardiod all purpose mics. I believe we're getting into the Violet Design/JZ capsule discussion that I don't know the details about. There is...

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Any LDCs around $1500 that can touch a Neumann M149?

...up with a Telefunken Copperhead, Lauten Atlantis, Pearlman TM1, Blue Stage 2/VD67, and 2 Violet mics - Emerald LE and Amethyst Vintage. I would recommend the Pearlman for that smooth upper mid range but any of the others work great on vocals. Try before you buy! Bring one in and give a...

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Upgrading my CV-12, Rap & R&B DC196 might be also pretty good and within your budget. If you could get an old (used) Violet Design Amethyst Vintage, might be what you’re looking for.. very big yet detailed lowend, nice bright, non harsh topend.. I describe it as a “better” sounding has a “cleaner” more extended topend, no honkiness and...

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