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Ravenscroft 275

VI Labs Ravenscroft 275
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The Ravenscroft 275 is a stunning recreation of arguably one of the best pianos in the world. The Ravenscroft ÊModel 275 has unparalleled dynamic response and tone that will handle a wide variety of applications such as Jazz Pop and Classical and just about anything else you can imagine. Ravenscroft Êpianos are meticulously designed and assembled by hand in Arizona by Michael Spreeman and his team to exacting standards. They source only the highest quality components and pair that with an innovative and refined design that give Ravenscroft Êpianos a distinct edgy sound and quality rarely seen (or heard) these days.


Best Piano Vst?

Also have this Ravenscroft out today. Welcome to VILabs On sale till today or tomorrow I believe... Trying to decide if I'm gonna pull the trigger before going to sleep.

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Spectrasonics Announce Keyscape Virtual Keyboard Collection

The C7 is definitely very playable. I'd go so far as to say the MOST playable and nuanced of any of the grand piano VSTs I've played to this date. Obviously everyone's experience differs as we all use different controller keyboards and audio interfaces w different latency, but once set up to match your controller's...

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Repeated sustain behavior in piano VIs

...doesn't sound natural, but a little better. It would be interesting to hear how other ambitious piano VIs behave, such as Ravenscroft 275, Synthogy Ivory and Garritan CFX. I don't have access to testing them out.

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