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Perfourmer MKI

Vermona Perfourmer MKI
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Four voice polyphonic analogue synthesizer.
Per voice it has: 1 oscillator, with 6 different waveforms and a white noise generator. One LFO with 4 waveforms which can modulate VCO pitch, VCF frequency cutoff, or VCA. One 24 dB/Oct. lowpass filter, resonance capable with variable keytrack. It's controlled through an ADSR envelope. The VCA is also controlled through an ADSR envelope. Each channel has it's own output, and can be panned to the stereo main output (on the back) There's 4 audio inputs so it can function as a four channel filterbank. The individual outputs also function as an insert jack to allow processing of each channel. (Tip=send, sleeve=return)

There's a Unison mode which links all four voices. Duophonic mode combines voice 1 and 2 into one sound and 3 and 4 in another. In polyphinic mode all 4 voices are seperate. Then there's an FM mode where voice 1 and 3 modulate 2 and 4 respectively.

The synth can be played over MIDI and four optional CV/Gate inputs (1V/Oct). Filter cutoff is only controllable through MIDI, not an external CV input.


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