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Drum Replacer

UVI Drum Replacer
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  • Machine learning-based analysis with realtime component separation and triggering
  • Trigger internally-hosted samples and VSTi, with browser, preview, and favorites
  • Positive and negative offset allows pre-triggering, gain and pitch matching

Drum Replacer is a realtime, program-adaptive, drum replacement and processing utility, providing effortless audio component separation and triggering with a sophisticated feature set and elegant workflow.
With Drum Replacer you can easily remove bleed from drum recordings, replace drums in a mix with your favorite samples or VSTi, add sub-bass, layer existing drum sounds, and more.

  • Integrating community feedback and feature requests, Version 1.1 adds new MIDI functionality including recording and trigger output, ducking, and numerous optimizations. Registered users can download the free update from the My Products page on, or UVI Portal.
  • New! Dry Signal Ducking (via Triggers) with attack, release, and gain controls
  • New! MIDI Recording of triggered output (available via drag-and-drop)
  • New! Trigger MIDI Output, with customizable note and channel
  • Various enhancements


UVI releases Drum Replacer

“WORKFLOW Utilizing machine learning-based analysis with realtime separation, Drum Replacer will examine and intelligently parse an incoming audio signal into discrete components. Selected elements are then fed into a detection circuit to trigger up to 8 internally-hosted audio samples or virtual instruments simultaneously, sequentially, or randomly.” I take this to mean UVI Drum Replacer can tell...

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Any convert audio Drms to midi like Ableton Live

You're right. As far as I can tell, it would be a two step process in Pro Tools: Use Accusonus Regroover, Fuse Audio DrumsSSX, or UVI Drum Replacer to separate out the constituent parts (kick, snare, hat, etc.) to individual tracks, then use DRT on each of those tracks.

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UVI releases Drum Replacer

Trigger 2 DrumXchanger apTrigga3 Drumagog Addictive Trigger and now UVI Drum Replacer. I’d be interested to see which one is most capable of Real Time/Live drum sound replacement. I would think it would be one thing to replace sounds after a kit is recorded, but being able to audition sounds on the fly before recording would seem to be...

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