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Universal Audio Solo/110
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Any Phoenix DRS-8 Users?? opinion however, as there seem to be many who do like... It sounded like a thinner version of my UA Solo 110, which is my go to pre. I would definitely buy more of those if they still made them! My choice was based on recording vocals and acoustic guitar. Dan

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Phoenix Audio DRS 8 Vs Neve 1073 DPD

...ago and loved it. Such silly warm character, it just sounded so darn good. I still have a Universal Audio Solo 110 which is nice but I much preferred the phoenix. So the prospect of buying the DRS 8 is appealing to me. However, the Neve 1073 DPD is in the same price range,...

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Focusrite Clarrett vs Scarlett mic pres

You might look at something like a Daking One, a Univeral Audio Solo 110 or 610. On the used market. $500 is do-able. I would say those are some darn fine preamps to start with. or build some CAPI or some AML.

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