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Universal Audio M610
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Tube Preamplifier


UA M-610?

Hi there, I have two M610's and I think they are awesome. I have used them for vocals and they are a very valuable part of my setup. I strongly recomend them, but everyone has their preferences so if you could take a listen to one first that would be ideal. ...

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Why Don't I like The TLM103?

...Although I lucked out and had paired it with preamps that worked really well with it. I used both an M610 and an LA610 MkII and was never kept from recording good sounds. It was a tool that worked for me and didn't get in the way of making things. I moved on to...

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Best way to record electric guitar into DAW..?

Maybe once a year we mic up a cab --- Generally spit the guitar -- DI one channel to UA M610 and then to a RME = DAW and the second channel >> from their pedals/effects ---to a Manley DVC = DAW Blend the dry /effected

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