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Apollo X16

Universal Audio Apollo X16
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The flagship Apollo x16 allows music producers, project, and post-production studios to track, overdub, and mix with new world-beating A/D and D/A conversion, HEXA Core UAD plug-in processing, Dual-Crystal clocking, and 7.1 surround sound monitoring* — all in a sleek rackmount Thunderbolt 3 audio interface for Mac or PC.

Built upon UA’s 60-year heritage of audio craftsmanship, this 18 x 20 interface boasts the widest dynamic range (133 dB) and lowest THD+N (-129 dB), of any integrated audio interface on the market. Plus, with all-new HEXA Core processing, you’ll get 50% more DSP for running acclaimed UAD Powered Plug-Ins in real time.


Universal Audio Announces New Apollo X Thunderbolt 3 Interfaces for Mac and Windows

...Plexi Classic, Ampeg SVT-R Classic Bass Amp, and more. Apollo | x16 — $3,499 The flagship Apollo x16 boasts the widest dynamic range (133 dB) and lowest THD+N (-129 dB) of any Thunderbolt audio interface on the market. This 18 x 20 interface is the perfect solution for commercial studios, mix rooms, and post production facilities. Apollo...

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Digital vs Analogue Console

Sorry to be blunt but I find these kinds of uber-vague "I'm building a studio" type-questions absolutely bizarre when there's such a phenomenal amount of context so obviously lacking from your first post. There's no reference to what you plan to record and how There's no reference to the studio space you are building/moving into There's no reference...

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Grimm CC2 - fantastic !

...44k into AD+ at 44k (No upsampling): ====================================== New files. Upsampled the original Scissors Mix on the fly, real time, through the Apollo x16 clocked by Grimm at 192k driving the Solaris at 192k via AES and printing into the Dangerous AD+ at various sample rates, clocked by Grimm or Internal clock. Solaris at 192k into AD+...

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