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Universal Audio 4-710D
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4-channel Tube/FET Preamp and DI Four Channels of Tone-Blending "Twin-Finity" Preamps AND 1176-Style Compression w/ Built-In A/D Converters


SSL SiX small format mixer???

...just so many possibilities with this thing. That’s why I bought one. It’s why I bought a UA 4-710d. And my Octatrack. Some devices have certain limitations but also, oddly, so many possibilities. I think the siX is in this category. Just my gut opinion. Not trying to say anyone’s criticism is wrong.

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Gear Porn thread - pics of your slutty setups

...very clever ProBox by Ralph Weritz for recording drums and guitars and such using the UA Apollo 8P with a 4-710d preamp and an API 500 rack (it's only got a lonely 512c pre in it at the moment). I'm finally making music after a long hiatus after being burned out on recording bands...

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The sound of RME

Bro I'm currently demoing a Prism atlas and a Digiface and the Digiface headphone jack is killing the prism. lows are nice and punchy, its louder at the same levels and I would say like 10% clearer than the Atlas, I was utterly surprised and now wondering id the conversion in the UFX+ will be...

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