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Unfiltered Audio Sandman Native Plugin
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The Unfiltered Audio Sandman is far more than just a delay plugin; it’s a wormhole to the dreamtime states of your sounds. It’s a deceptively simple gateway to a microcosm of sonic dimensions bordering the absurd. It’s a new way to extract loops and grains from a sound that can be as close to or as far flung from the original, as you like. From the input of just a single sample, Sandman opens a Pandora’s box of endless sonic possibilities.

At first glance, Sandman offers the most basic parameters found on a delay plugin – host synch-able Delay Time and ping-pong feedback, along with a wet/dry mix and a filter for good measure. Use these standard features for flanging, comb filtering, or adding string-like texture to percussive sounds. The Sample Rate parameter can add vintage grime or completely decimate a sound by directly lowering the sample rate of the DSP engine; an adjacent Dirt switch gives you the loving character of a lo-fi recording.

Sandman’s namesake is its unique SLEEP button - the hub for the granular wonders that lay in wait.

With SLEEP, you can ‘freeze’ audio at a point in time to create a loop based on the Delay value, allowing you to adjust the sample Start and End points. Long Delay values can produce beat-repeats or stutter effects, while shorter values turn Sandman into what is essentially a wavetable synthesizer; the Start and End times can even overlap each other, reversing your sample by up to 100%. Drop the Sample Rate and Delay time while Sandman is asleep, and you now have granular synthesis at your fingertips. Several of these parameters can be modulated by Sandman’s synch-able LFO section, while an advanced de-clicking algorithm ensures clean edges no matter how much mayhem ensues. But if it ever gets out of hand (which it almost certainly will), there’s always the handy Kill switch to wake yourself back up.

Sweet dreams.

Widen and deepen your sounds, or harvest mind-blowing samples and sweeteners from the most unsuspecting of material. Sandman is an indispensable tool for the audio alchemist. Activate the 14-day full function demo with your Plugin Alliance account to hear for yourself!


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...plugin would need some kind of a sleep or freeze button, I've had a lot of fun tweaking around with Unfiltered Audio Sandman for example. I don't know how freeze would work here either tho.

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