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Tul Microphones G12
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The TUL G12 is a unique dynamic microphone in view of the fact that it has been specifically designed to work only as a guitar amplifier mic. It needs to be placed on the axis at the centre of the speaker cone, 2- 8cm (1-3 inches) or so away.

By using a dynamic feedback circuit, it eliminates the high frequency buzz most mics produce when used this way, delivering the natural sound of the guitar amplifier. This mic is often used live as well as in the studio and is currently being used by top producer Kevin Shirley and Joe Bonamassa.

It has a switch for 'classic' or 'bright' (more top end) and is available in two styles: retro and SM58-shape.


Abstrakt Instruments Avalon Analog Bassline

The GoPro didn't show up tonight so I just used my G12.. Sorry for the clipped audio, it was caused by a ton of low end... Hopefully Fiddlestix will post some capabilities of this thing, it really is complex, but I figured an OK video is better than nothing.. Heres a link:

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Tul G12 Electric Guitar Microphone

...the companies listed, I found Tul microphones. They have a mic that's designed only as an electric guitar mic, the G12. It has a dynamic feedback circuit that eliminates guitar fizz, even though it has to be placed on the center of the cone. That sound kinda crazy, but listening to samples and reading...

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Vox AC30

It looks like all they did was change the Master Volume by adding a bypass. What do you think they did? I hear several great examples of the the Handwired with Blues in them. Maybe the less than stellar ones I am listening to have the G12's.

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