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Toft Audio Designs ATB32
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The Series ATB® Console packages much of the same design and sound as the classic Trident Series 80.


- 32 Premium Channel Strip Module
- 8 Mix Busses with outputs
- Direct Outs on every channel
- Inline Monitoring for every input channel strip
- Additional 8 Monitor Returns in Group Section
- Vintage Series 80 EQ for every input channel
- 6 Aux Sends every input channel strip
- 8 Fully-Dedicated Stero Aux Returns
- Super Accurate 12-Stage LED Meter
- Fully balanced outputs
- Optional Meter Bridge


New Revision to Toft ATB

I have a Toft ATB 32 also from the pilot run. No issues here and, I am crazy about the sound. Faders have never been a problem for me either.confoosed

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Allen & Heath GSR-24M

...made in small numbers considering how difficult it has been to find one for sale. I was considering the Toft ATB-32 but they seem to have some issues from the reviews I have read. I also looked at the Allen & Heath ZED 436,... any thoughts or experience using this for studio recording? What...

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Looking for advice on getting into a proper large-format analog console

...switchable inserts would be great but not a requirement I've looked into many of the obvious choices, chief among them a Toft ATB32. That's currently my frontrunner as it checks basically all of those boxes. But I have heard everything from "sounds and feels like a $100k console" to "lifeless, horrid pile of...

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