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Fat Funker

TL AUDIO Fat Funker
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Lets do it: The Ultimate Plugin Analysis Thread

I think the FatFunker is actually a TL audio FATMAN.

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Arturia announces availability of Audiofuse

...a room full of gear in order to totally miminize my (home-)studio. I used several 19" preamps (M-Audio Tampa, TLA Fat Funker, DBX 386, etc. and a Radial J48 Stereo (that alone already sets you back by 300$) to go into a 19" audio-interface (Profire 2626) and (never having used more than 2...

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Advice needed for getting the right setup for my needs Gilmour and bluesy tones. I tend to use the TBX to add more overdrive. I do have a TLA Fat funker valve preamp / compressor and recently bought a Peavy micro amp head which can be DI'd. I do have a shure sm57 and an old peavey classic30 and though I am able...

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