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The t.bone SCT800
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Large diaphragm studio tube microphone.


t-bone tube microphones?

with shaman being happy with t-bone ribbon mics i am getting interested into their tube mics. especially their sct2000 and their sct800. any users out there?

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What's in YOUR mic locker???

...Strässer CM507(MBHO) 2 Strässer CM508 (MBHO) 1 Strässer M17 (Beyer M68) 1 T.Bone SCT 800 tube 2 TAKSTAR PCM6100 1 Tannoy dynamic (model unknown) 2 Tannoy ribbon (model unknown) 1 Telefunekn D11 1 Telefunken D77 Stereo 1 ...

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SE Electronics Mics

...thing is rumored to have been rebadged by the facility in China producing it as the Thomann house brand t.bone SCT 800 (albeit with a cheaper tube). I've found no way to outright confirm this but the rumored Neumann engineering is now rumored to be in a sub-$200 tube microphone (though you will need...

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