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RB 500

The t.bone RB 500
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That authentic vintage sound. The RB 500 is a modern version of the classic species of ribbon microphones. Its very "fat" and warm sound with a lot of low-end and the figure-8 characteristic make it a perfect choice for the recording of guitar amps and as a room microphone for drum recordings.


Thomann Ribbon mic ROCKS

Hum...I bought a rb500 a year ago. I had time to experiment with a lot of things... I have a pretty good idea of pros and cons, IMHO cons: my cable its only 2 meters long! Its not enough to reach the input box! This mic has a...

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Louder than Liftoff Silver Bullet first impressions me. So much so that I am now selling my pair of 1073LB (anyone interested?), probably also selling the IGS RB500 ME I recently got (it sounds good, but not what I was after), and going for a silverbullet or a pair of Chroma. Since I've invested in a 500 series set up the Chroma...

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Sanity check, how would you spend 3500$ on microphones?

...gtrs, mix to taste and thank me later, even better with the MA5 (another very cheap option is the Thomann T.Bone RB500, works well on cabs, but not so on OH or vocals, so the Coles is much more versatile and classy). -pair of Blue Hummingbird for OH or ac gtrs or toms (or a pair...

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