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Portable 4-track Recorder with Stereo Condenser Microphones, 2 x XLR Inputs, 96kHz/24-bit Converters, Reverb, and Wi-Fi


TASCAM unveils New Handhelds Recorders and USB Interfaces

DR-44WL and DR-22WL work with your iPhone or Android device TASCAM has announced a pair of new portable recorders, the DR-44WL and DR-22WL. Each has new microphones, dedicated input level controls, and built-in WiFi – forming a direct network with your iOS or Android device. They can be controlled by a free app for transport control,...

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changing from Edirol R09 to Zoom H4n - improvement?

...the Zoom H5 or H6, both are better than the Zoom H4n (I had one myself). Or get the Tascam DR-44WL, it's supposed to be a great unit. If you don't need onboard mics on your recorder, then also consider the Tascam DR-60D MkII or the DR-70D. I own the DR-70D and it's a great...

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Looking for alternatives to zoom h4n pro with better built-in mics

That sounds good. Which tascam recorders have you used and you would recommend? I had in mind something like tascam DR-44WL. Maybe Tascam DR-100 mk3 would also work but it's quite over my budget and I feel it's gonna be too big or heavy for my purposes.

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