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Symetrix  SX206
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MultiDynamics Audio Processor. Compressor Gate Limiter - Very useful Functions for Acoustic Synthesizer or Trick Effects. Front-panel Controls: Threshold(-40 - +20) Attack(2-30dB/mS) Release(10-45dB/Sec) RatioX1(1-20) Out Gain(0-20dB) PushButton MODE(Compliant/ Expand/ Gate/ Duck/ Slave) Requires 16VAC 200mA thru male power jack in rear (supply not supplied) Multi Function Unit Processor. 1/2 rack - single channel.


Symetrix SX206 plus other comp info needed.

I've Been offered some SX206's, but want to know what they are worth? I have also seen a BSS 402 at a great price as well as a Valley People 610 and Audio Design F760X. I know these are a real variety of dynamics processors but any advice is appreciated. What would be real bargain prices...

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FMR PBC6a - overrated? Is a lot of gear?

...need to try a different comp. Suggestions Sell your $500 compressor and buy an FMR RNC, A DBX 163x, a Symetix sx206, A Furman LC-3, and an Ashly Comp...all for around $500 in total, maybe cheaper. Now you would have 5 compressors to choose from, and you wouldn't feel like you spent your money so...

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