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Switchcraft StudioPatch 9625
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First patchbay - feedback on design requested

I'm about to buy my first patchbay. I've setteled on a Switchcraft 9625 (48 pt, DB25). Gear to patch is 16 channels of pres, 5 phone mixes, 4 outboard dual-channel pieces, Aurora16. Mixing is done ITB with Cubase using its 'external effects' feature for outboard gear. My design philosophy is based around these...

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XBay 128x128 pass through balanced programmable analog patchbay

...just a little small for my setup). Because of the warning about running phantom through the XBAY... I have a Switchcraft 9625 in front of it to manage routing mics to mic pres. The line level outs from all the mic pres then feed into the XBAY. This is the theory at least -...

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Help connecting patchbay

Man it's a headache! Output of the device should be output on patch bay. That was when you see output on patch bay, you won't have to do a calculation in your mind as to which is which. You can get custom stuff made up by Pro audio LA. The DB25 thing can be a combo...

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