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Strymon Deco
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Tape artefact emulator in guitar pedal case. Creates harmonic distortions simular to tape record and playback, in two effects blocks called tape saturation and doubletracking. Lag time knob can be used to create slapback delays, tape echoes, tape flanging, tape chorusing. Controls for Saturation and level (amplitude). Doubletracker function with Lag Time, Blend and Wobble controls, and three types (sum, invert, bounce). Further controls; high trim, low trim, auto flange time. Autoflange function on momentary switch. High impedance mono input switchable to TRS stereo input. Stereo output. Standard and wide stereo mode signal routing. Expression panel input for control over parameter, external tap and favorite switch for storing a preset.


Anyone using the Strymon Deco with synths?

All the Youtube videos seem to have guitars (this gets me all strung up!) Anyhow, are any synth players real life using this effects box, and if so, what is the stereo presence like? Tough to tell with guitars, and most of the demos are through one amp!!!!!!! What is your experience and personal observations? A potential Strymon Deco purchaser. Mark

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DSI Prophet 12

...into a Tascam portable recorder Grab bag of sounds, direct into Focusrite Clarett Filter demo. P12, I think this has some Strymon deco and a tiny bit of reverb on it. SOTL sounds. Exploring the distortion unit. Pure P12 direct into a Tascam portable recorder (I think) Synth Vespers. Short example of synth choir. Pure P12 direct into...

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Clarett DAW routing

... Signal chain looks like this Clarett input 1 - guitar/from amp loadbox Monitor outputs 1-2 to main monitors Monitor output 4 - strymon deco > stereo outs to Eventide Timefactor > stereo outs to clarett inputs 3 & 4 I used to be able to do this fine with a Motu M4 with live monitoring but I can't...

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