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Stillwell Audio 1973
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THIS is where 1973 is coming from…not an emulation, but a tribute. Taking the best features and reducing them down to their essence…then making it utterly transparent and smooth. Exceptionally smooth and detailed high frequency boost, even at unexpectedly high settings, without shredding eardrums. Prepare to be surprised and delighted! Flexible midrange contouring with switchable adaptive mode : smooth and musical at low levels of boost / cut, and progressively more surgical and precise at higher levels.


Must-have plug-ins (reaper)?

Stillwell audio 1973 is a sweet eq, bombardier compressor is amazing, major Tom compressor is also amazing. They are free to use and cheap to buy like reaper. They hold their own and might be better than others costing hundreds!!! Sent from my SGH-I747

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Plug In Advice / Recommendations

EQ: Fabfilter Pro-Q (Surgical), Stillwell Audio 1973 (Color), FabFilter NobelEq (Color) Dynamics: Klanghelm DC8C (Clean), PSP Vintage Warmer (Color), Stillwell Audio Bombardier (Bus) DSM V2 (Limiter) Reverb: Valhalla Room (Drums & Rooms), Valhalla Vintage Verb (Color & Vocals) Delay: PSP Echo (Simple), D16 Sigmund (Advanced) Modulation: BlueCat Freestuff, Audio Damage FSU Bundle Harmonic: TB ReelBus (Bus), Klanghlem SDRR...

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so i've got no eq plugs..

...was thinking of acquiring/trying these plugs once i get paid.. softube abbey road brilliance pack (on sale $110) stillwell audio 1973 eq - $39 blue cat's triple eq - free variety of sound baxter eq - free variety of sound boot eq - free thinking about maag eq4 - 229 psp noble q - 70 ... probably skip the eq4,...

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