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Sterling Audio ST79
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A versatile condenser microphone with three different polar pattern options.

The Sterling ST79 Dual-Diaphragm Multi-Pattern Condenser Microphone is designed around a Class-A discrete FET mic amp specially chosen to match its large dual-diaphragm capsule. The ST-79 offers 3 different pickup patterns: Omni-directional, Cardioid and Figure-8, providing complete mic placement flexibility. The capsule itself has been sized and tuned to provide a silky and airy top end with a full, warm midrange reminiscent of vintage microphones. Hand-selected internal components create a sound that enhances both vocal and instrument performances.
Large, 8-micron gold-sputtered Dual-diaphragm capsule
Dual-diaphragm design offers multiple pickup patterns: Omni, Cardioid, and Figure-8
Warm-sounding, low-noise, classic studio mic sound
Steel head and woven-brass mesh grill
Heavy brass black finished enclosure
Vintage transformer-coupled design
Attractive oak colored storage case
Specially designed SM-7 shock mount included
Add this to your studio arsenal today!
Sterling Audio ST79 Multi-Pattern FET Studio Condenser Mic

Preamp Topology: Class-A FET
Polar Pattern: Cardioid, Omni, and Figure-8
Capsule Design: 25mm, 8 micron
Frequency Response: 20 - 20kHz
Switchable Hi-Pass Filter: 150Hz, 6dB/octave
Switchable Attenuation Pad: -10dB
Maximum SPL: 130/140dB
Sensitivity: 28V/Pa
Equivalent Noise Level A-Weighted: 18dB SPL
Typical Load Impedance: >500 Ohms
Output Source Impedance: 200 Ohms Transformer-isolated
Dimensions: 9.5" x 2.4"
Weight: 2.0 lbs
Standard Accessories: SM-7 Shock Mount Foam Windscreen


inexpensive mic locker suggestions

...will be rebuilding everything back up to glory slowly and surely. The two mics I held onto are a Sterling Audio ST79 and a Sennheiser e945. I mic up guitar amp (modded Fender PRO JR with Weber AlNiCo speaker and Groove Tubes european power and mullard reissue preamp tubes makes some awesome recordings), vocals (myself usually,...

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Buddy Holly vocal chain

pcbiz- i picked found me a sterling st79 and wow. I'm loving it. st79>RNP>RNLA>Mixer>interface GREAT GREAT SOUND. I also stumbled across the PSP Echo plug in.. I'm a very happy guy.

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Using 2 different interfaces: Better quality Pres/Converters on Drums or on Guitars?

...I get. Thanks for the advise about isolating the bleed. I remember when I recorded his other band using the St79 on the OH, the St79 picked up everything in the room. The difference between muting the St79 track, then unmuting it was a huge difference on the overall mix. The sound of the...

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