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Stellar Professional Microphones CM-6
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Multipattern tube condenser microphone.

The CM-6 standard selling configuration includes the follow:

-CM-6 Microphone which included:
-1.07” 6 micron gold sputtered German style capsule
-<200 ohm Impedance
-20hz to 20khz Frequency response
-Class A tube preamp featuring a Premium TungSol EF806 tube
-BV8 style Dual Bobbin Output Transformer
-Power Supply which supplies power for the tube preamp and bias voltage for the capsule. The power supply has a nine position switch that varies the bias voltage to the capsule and enables the CM-6 to operate in 3 primary configurations; cardioid, omni or figure 8 as well as the six intermediate configurations.
-30 foot link cable that connect the CM-6 to the Power supply
-AC cable to provide power to the power supply
-High quality shockmount
-Foam wind screen
-Aluminum Road Case


Affordable LDC Microphone With Multiple Voicings

Hey kidvybes, any thoughts on how these mics compare to a Stellar CM6? I know that's probably an apples/oranges comparison but I know you're a fan of the Stellar as am I. I sold my CM6 a couple years back and miss it but I don't think I can justify the funds to replace...

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Affordable LDC Microphone With Multiple Voicings

...owned)... ...of the many Shanghai ShuaiYin manufactured mics (like your own AA brand) I've owned/beta-tested over the past years, only the Stellar CM-6 has retained a slot in my much-upgraded mic closet...that is of course, just my opinion...but I'm good with that... Have a Blessed Day! peachh

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You pick two! Entry-mid level mics.

I appreciate this. I have to admit that I like how the V4 looks hidz

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