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Steinberg Cubasis
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Quickly and easily capture your ideas as soon as they arrive and turn them into professional-sounding songs with the multi-award winning Cubasis 3. Enjoy performing, recording, mixing and sharing your music in no time, wherever you are, right there on your iPhone, iPad and Android smartphone or tablet. Meet one of the fastest, most intuitive and complete audio and MIDI DAWs available for mobile devices: Cubasis 3.


If Apple is now moving away from into to use its own chips, is Mac no longer viable?

...into their laptops and desktops. Professional music production on iOS is already happening. iOS music apps like Garage Band (Logic), Cubasis, Auria, and Beatmaker 3 will migrate and mature to these new devices. Music production will be just as capable as it is now, but it will be much more mobile, and much more...

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Yamaha MODX

Well I think Yamaha is not wrong. An Ipad with a mobile daw such as Cubasis or any of the other good alternatives is already functionally superior in terms of being a workstation sequencer. Continuing to develop and support a sequencer of that calibre on the montage or modx in parallel seems a bit...

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Maschine standalone - Maschine+ is here!

the iPad and Cubasis is cool. But finger swiping and twirling is really no replacement for a keyboard and mouse setup IMO. Maybe one day in the future.

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