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SR-Lambda SR-507

Stax SR-Lambda SR-507
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The first SR-Λ (lambda) series was introduced 30 years ago, and now the SR-507 has accomplished further evolution with its new sounding body (sound element).The conventional sound element has employed simplest structure so that as wide film diaphragm area as possible can be effectively used in comparison with its external size. Taking advantage of the conventional feature, the new sound element has been packaged in a tough resin case. Thus the new sound element has realized cleaner sound and more accurate sound image.

Also new thin-film material almost free from stretch through temperature or humidity has been adopted, enabling both the rich, deep low-frequency and the delicate high-frequency sound.


Best Bets for Binaural?

...listener. Emil reminded me that the Binaural Monograph had (just) been published and that indeed, according to Mlle Nicol, the STAX SR Lambda seemed to image best based on what Mlle Nicol attributed to their acoustic impedance - granted, this is from a conversation that Emil and I had, so I have not yet...

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Ten of the Best Studio Headphones over $300

...set of headphones money can buy. The STAX SR-Lambda SR-507 might come across as 'exotic' and odd-looking but make no mistake - Stax belongs in the upper echelons when it comes to quality headphone manufacturers, and the work done by this Japanese manufacturer has received nothing but praise over decades of effort. The...

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