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Stam Audio SA-87
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The SA-87 is an exact reproduction of a 1979 (rev16) vintage Neumann u87 microphone considered by most engineers as the finest sounding u87 ever made. We have recreated the distinctive character of this microphone to the very last drop and for the first time at a price that makes it affordable to anyone.

Since the capsule represents 90% of the microphone’s tone we have decided to make an extra effort and use the best one available. The Heiserman Audio HK- 87 capsule is based on a 1960's vintage set of original back plates which offers a much more vintage tone than current offerings, it uses brass rings to hold down the Mylar and nylon screws to isolate the capsule halves. Unlike other similar offerings that feature Chinese made capsules all of these are 100% hand made by Eric Heiserman in the USA and are professionally skinned with DuPont Mylar in Chicago.

The SA-87 features premium Vishay capacitors on the audio path as well as polystyrene capacitors, which are more stable and much more linear in the top end making them the perfect choice for feedback circuitry.

The SA-87 also features a CineMag CM-13313 output transformer with a 9.5 to 1 ratio which closely resembles the original Neumann transformer. Optional Sowter 1303f transformer is also available.


Warm Audio Wa-2a vs. Stam Audio Sa-2a

...experience of course. None of this has put me off ordering, once my SA4000 is here I intend to order an SA87. If it takes a bit longer than published then so be it, this is high quality gear at n unbelievable price. Josh could have left me at the mercy of Customs trying to...

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SA-87 by STAM, what's the verdict?

I got our SA-87 today and ran a quick test with acoustic guitar (martin OMJ) and male vocal I ran the SA-87 against a Neumann TLM-103 straight into our UA Apollo with no presets or Unison plugs in the path. We are on vacation so this is the equipment I have with me....

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What's in YOUR mic locker???

Audix D4 Audix D6 AKG C414 BULS Stam SA87 Warbler MKID Studio Project C1 (Microphone Parts mod) Microphone Parts S-12 (C414- like tone) Neuman TLM 102 Neuman KLM 184 (2) Little Gems (2 - Chinese SDCs with swappable capsules) Sennheiser md 421 AT 2035 Royer R10s (2) Rode NT1a (door stop and occasional new preamp worst case test) Shure 57s (3)

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