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Stam Audio SA-800
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There are many great microphones in the world, for all types of applications, but few can claim to be a truly elite microphone. Unfortunately, with that highly vaunted status comes certain exclusivity. An elite microphone like the C-800G attracts an elite price tag…until now.

The SA-800 is like no other microphone you have ever used. It is a large dual-diaphragm condenser, which can switch between cardioid and omnidirectional polar patterns. Its key feature is a 6AU6 vacuum tube, with its own cooling system designed to maintain an optimal operating temperature for the tube. We use the finest K67 replica capsule in the world, as well as the original 6AU6 tube, and a custom replica Sowter output transformer; one that carefully matches the ratio and frequency response of the original.

By committing to only the highest build quality and making no compromise in component selection, we can finally offer a true replica of the microphone that even the largest studios dream about. The almost noiseless operation, incredible sensitivity, and beautiful detail is what makes the original C-800G so sought after. The SA-800 performs identically, capturing silky smooth vocals, as well as mirroring the intimacy of acoustic instruments.


New Stam Audio C800G Style Mic???

Check the date of the original post, we had not announced a Sony replica and this picture is not the same as the SA800 mic. kfhkh

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Golden Age Premier GA-800G

...few days. Ill post the answer key when you guys have had enough. THE MICS USED ARE *SONY C800G *Golden Age Premier GA800G *Stam SA800 *AA CM800T *CHANDLER REDD Thanks! FILES HERE -

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Golden Age Premier GA-800G

I'm still catching up on Paul's shootout, but I just want to say that I was sure that A was going to be the C800G and was my personal favorite of the lot. My eyebrows shot waaaay up when I saw that it was the AA CM800T! the most affordable! Even listening afterwards to results...

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