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Stam Audio SA-76ADG
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The Stam Audio SA-76ADG is an exact replica of the 3 most revered revisions of the UREI 1176 FET compressor.

Do you love the aggressive mid-range and coloration of the 1176 blue face, the subtle character and versatility of revision D on vocals and bass and love the gentle and transparent properties of revision G on acoustic guitar and stringed instruments? Then the Stam Audio SA-76ADG is the ideal compressor for you.

As we were already planning to do a 1176 model of each famous revision , it occured to us, why make just one if we could deliver all 3 versions to our clients, at the same price a single unit? Mechanically and component-wise the cost was marginally higher and we could use both the 0-12 and 50002 transformers for the A and D sections as used on the original units and bypass the transformers for revision G like the original.


Stam Audio SA76 ADG

Hello Guys, I am happy to introduce to the forum the Stam Audio SA-76ADG. Three completely independent 1176 compressors in one unit at the touch of a switch. The aggressive revision A, the magical revision D and the super clean revision G. Please note that each revision as it's own independent PCB and circuit therefor it...

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Stam Audio 1073-5

Hi there! I'm a Stam Audio purchaser. I own: SA-670 SA-76 ADG (2) SA-EQP1A (2) SA-4000 MK2 API Did I wait a long time for the gear? Yes. Did I pay 1/3 of the price when compared to other companies. Yes Am I blown away with the quality of each unit. Yes Josh and his team are honest and hard working...

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Stam Audio 1073-5

Thanks for the positive vibes and feedback. Really happy to serve you =) Cheers !!

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