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Stam Audio SA-67
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The SA-67 is an exact reproduction of a 1970’s vintage Neumann u67 microphone. Since the capsule represents 90% of the microphone’s tone we have decided to make an extra effort and use the best one available. The Heiserman Audio HK- 67 capsule is based on a 1960's vintage set of original back plates which offers a much more vintage tone than current offerings, it uses brass rings to hold down the Mylar and nylon screws to isolate the capsule halves. Unlike other similar offerings that feature Chinese made capsules these are 100% hand made by Eric Heiserman in the USA and are professionally skinned with DuPont Mylar in Chicago.

The SA-67 features premium Vishay capacitors on the audio path as well as polystyrene capacitors, which are more stable and much more linear in the top end making them the perfect choice for feedback circuitry as well as a Cinemag output transformer and EH EF86 tube.

• Hesierman HK-67 Capsule
• Cinemag output transformer
• EH EF86 tube
• Fully discrete Power Supply.
• Vishay Capacitors
• Polystyrene capacitors
• Completely discrete signal path
• XLR connection
• Custom microphone holder
• Omnidirectional, cardioid and figure 8
• 20Hz - 20kHz frequency response
• Flight case
• Wooden Box
• Hand made in Chile


Stam Audio SA-67 Tube Condenser Microphone

Hi Guys Very happy to announce the SA-67, an identical replica of the famous U67 microphone. YouTube We have managed to make it sound virtually identical to both our old U67's which was a lengthy process but we can proudly say we brought this amazing microphone back to life and at a price everybody can enjoy...

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Stam Audio 1073-5

don't matter how nice it sound, that's really a no-go for me.

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Who has the Stam sa-67 mkii

...the final version with Tim Campbell's capsule. It's a fantastic mic. I've heard some tracks privately done with both the SA67 and with the Neumann U67 reissue, and chose the SA67 blind on four different tracks. ...

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