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Stereo SR-2N

Stager Microphones Stereo SR-2N
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Stereo SR-2N Ribbon Microphone

• Neodymium Magnets
• Passive yet high output design
• Toroidal Transformer designed and made by Stager Microphones
• 1.8 micron ribbon thickness
• Stereo Shock Mount included with matched pairs
• Custom colors available
• Mogami stereo breakout included


Stager STEREO SR-2N????

So yesterday I saw a listing on for a stereo SR-2N: I will attach a screen shot. The listing indicates an option for "pre orders." I find this VERY interesting as it is really exactly what I was looking for. I need to send the company a message and verify this is for real. Since I...

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One Mic Bluegrass recordings - Ear Trumpet Mics?

Really cool stereo capture! Thanks for sharing. And thanks to all of you for the thoughtful responses. I'll mull your suggestions over and see what I think. Part of me likes the ET stuff because I can imagine putting it to good use for live stuff which is my bread and butter, but...

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AEA R88 or Coles 4038 (pair) for Piano Recording

I have not noticed a noise floor with my R88. I have noticed my Stager Stereo SR2N kills the R88Mk1 - more gain, more reach, more detailed highs, easier to position and a better stereo image. Not used the Coles, but I would imagine the ability to do a spaced pair on piano might be...

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