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Stager Microphones SR-2N
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While weighing in at under one pound, the SR-2N crams an inordinate amount of size into the sound of your tracks. Employing the same ribbon and toroidal output transformer as the company's flagship model SR-1A, the Stager SR-2N swaps out the large alnico magnets with a more contemporary neodymium motor, while simplifying the housing and mount to put heavyweight punch into a featherweight fighter.

Incredible low-frequency pickup and a neutral midrange set the stage for a very gentle high-frequency roll off that's inherent to classic ribbons -- but the SR-2N miraculously loses no transient detail, and beautifully flatters percussive material and bright sound sources in a way that won't make you feel like you're missing anything by skipping the EQ.

Stick one up close on the smaller speaker of an old tube combo for tremendous low-end emphasis, back up a pair to capture drums with a three-dimensional quality, or...jeez...just leave the thing on a stand and point it at anything that makes sound, then stretch out a big ol' smile when you listen to playback.

• Neodymium Magnets
• Passive yet high output design
• Toroidal Transformer designed and made by Stager Microphones
• Weight - 14oz.
• Polar Pattern - Figure Eight
• Ribbon Dimensions - 2" X 0.25"
• 1.8 micron ribbon thickness
• Stereo Shock Mount included with matched pairs
• Custom colors available


Stager SR-2N

...Mid range meat is absurdly cool! Its very rich and soft to my ears! We've had a few of the SR-2N's in recently….I had not yet directly compared to the big-boy's, since they went out as fast as they came in!! But we are getting another batch soon, so I will be able to...

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Pictures Of Mic'ed Up Drum Kits In The Studio

...Mics LoFReQ->API desk Snare Top: Beyer M201->1073 Snare Btm: 57->->API desk OHs: Soyuz 013fet->1073s Hihat & ride: Earthworks SR25->API desk Toms: ATM25->API desk Close rooms: Stager SR-2N stereo->API desk Far rooms/stairwell: Beyer m160->API desk No compression on anything which is really unusual for me.

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What would a well-informed slut do? in the right direction. I'm mostly recording Gutter Rock and Hip-Hop I currently have: Ableton Live 10 Apollo x8p Soundcraft MTK 22 Beyer M160 Stager SR-2N Beyer MC930 (pair) AKG D112 AKG Perception 420 SM7B SM57 (3) SM58 (2) I'm content enough (right now) with my modest mic locker to be looking at other hardware (compressors, EQs, saturators), although I could use another LDC. Any and all...

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