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Albion One

Spitfire Audio Albion One
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Everything you need to make epic modern music in ONE box. At its heart is a 109 piece orchestra accompanied by a thunderous cinematic percussion section, dynamically layered loops designed by award winning music makers, an enormous steam synthesiser and many more surprises. With all new sample content for 2015 and cross-grade options for original volume 1 ’legacy’ owners.


Starting out with Orchestral / Music for Picture - What to buy?

I like Albion One as a starter library. It's what I use when I begin most of my orchestral style tracks.

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I So regret buying Spitfire’s I missing something?

...EVERY Spitfire library as I've not got NEO yet. But the ones I use most are: - Albion original / Albion ONE = This is the big seller and probably most widely used. A big but realistic sound, relatively compact footprint, and convenient stacked articulations where they've sampled whole sections playing together, with...

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Sources of reverb in mixing causing confusion

I've never used anything like Albion One, and a quick look ('Sound on Sound) I'm curious what the 'Close Far slider actually does, then there is also a 'Lush Reverb? To the main question -my experience is almost all 'live instruments in the studio I tend to go cautious with instrument FX during tracking (keyboards,...

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