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Inspired by the original EMT 140 plate reverb, we captured the gorgeous sound and vibe of this studio classic and turned it into a fun and musically inspiring plug-in. And we couldn’t resist pushing the limits of reality, so we added a couple of fun twists that let you take Little Plate to spaces the original hardware only dreamed of.


  • Add the sound of vintage plate reverb to your tracks
  • Push beyond the limits of the hardware with extended reverb decay time
  • Create infinite reverb effects that never decay
  • Optional modulation for natural-sounding variation in the reverb tail
  • Low Cut filter to tame low frequency build-up
  • 25 distinct presets to quickly dial in a sound


Best Reverb Plugins you own and how many

Lexicon PCM Native bundle 80% of the time, mostly the Room and Hall algo's Soundtoys Little plate 15% of the time, seriously have a look at this, it was a very pleasant surprise for me Sonnox Oxford rev for the remaining 5% Am thinking about the Reverb Foundry HD cart... Now for what I avoid: Softube TSAR-1, everytime I...

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Arturia would like to offer everyone a new reverb plug-in, Rev PLATE-140

Hey, if this is a "reverb developers chiming in on threads about reverbs from other developers" I wanna get involved! Little Plate definitely has modulation, within the algorithm. Very different from having modulation in front of, or after, a convolution plate. Or the sort of "modulation" that is featured in the Liquidsonics reverbs, which seems...

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Soundtoys 6: What new effects would you like?

more tweaking possibilites on the little Plate.. and more reverb types

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