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Soundelux U195
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The Soundelux U195 is a cardioid FET condenser microphone with large diaphragm inspired by the legendary K67 capsule.

The Soundelux U195 has been reissued by David Bock, the original Soundelux designer, and is an exact reissue of the Elux 195 as it was also known then. It features a unique tone control switch that offers either a flat frequency response with a high- end boost or a Fat mode providing a boost between 10Hz and 400Hz recreating the tone of vintage valve microphones. The mode works by affecting the negative feedback built into the circuit. The U195 also includes a non-capacitive pad which reduces the mic’s sensitivity by 10DB, and a Low Cut switch which cuts by 10dB at 20Hz.

The electronics doesn’t include any surface mount components, using instead low ESR electrolytic capacitors, and a unique FET circuit. This results in impressively low noise and extended HF characteristics. The U195 also boasts impressive headroom avoiding the harshness of other FET microphones while a large output transformer ensures a coherent signal across the full audio spectrum. As a result this microphone is capable to deal with really large dynamics.


So what's your favorite mic on these vocalists? Any surprises?

...- usable Rode NTK - usable Se 2200 - usable Se X1S - usable Shure KSM32 - usable Shure KSM44 - usable Soundelux U99 - great Soundelux U195 - usable Telefunken AK47 - unusable Telefunken AR-51 - usable Telefunken ELAM 251 - unusable - just too bright Telefunken U47 - great Warm Audio WA87 - usable

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$10k mic budget

If you're still thinking about vocal microphones... Put the Bock Soundelux U195, on your short list. If you're curious why I said that, I'll explain. Chris

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Original Soundelux U195

I've gotten to meet David Bock, a number of times at NAMM. Guy's the "Real Deal". He'll only put out excellent sounding microphones. On the original incarnation(s) of the U195... Very positive feedback overall. I have the "new" version BTW. Chris

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