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Signature 12

Soundcraft Signature 12
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12-ch Mixer with 8 x Ghost Mic Preamps, 2 x Aux Busses, 3-band British EQs, Lexicon Effects, dbx Limiters, Switchable Hi-Z Inputs, and USB Playback and Recording


Soundcraft Signature MTK's status

I called Soundcraft a few days ago, because I placed a pre-order for the Signature 12 MTK on Sweetwater in early December with an expected ship-date of December 31st. The guy told me that the MTKs are going to start shipping on the 22nd. Let's just hope they stick to it.

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Soundcraft Signature MTK's status

Okay, here's my "way to early to be a fair assessment" thoughts on the Signature 12 MTK. I only had a few hours with it over the weekend so this is far from an exhaustive review. First the good: - In general, it works as promised. Once the I/O is configured in your DAW (Studio One,...

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soundcraft signature 12 mtk mixer buzzing noise

So, Im a super big fan of my soundcraft signature 12 mtk mixer since getting it about 6 months back. It offers a great sound with loads of routing features and MTK recording - something I didn't think was possible for that price range rockout! Sadly about a week ago it started making a slow...

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