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Pi: Phase Interactions Mixer

Sound Radix Pi: Phase Interactions Mixer
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PI is an innovative, multi-channel phase interactions mixer plug-in engine for Mac and PC.

Good phase relationships are key to a great sounding mix. When tracks are summed into a stereo mix bus, instruments tend to overlap and interact with each other across the frequency range and phase position. A bass track could be temporarily out of phase with the kick or rhythm guitar tracks, and when summed together the two instruments would cancel each other out over the overlapping frequency range, causing a temporary "hole" in the low end. Similarly, a snare track could end up sounding thin in a mix when the toms' resonance is out of phase with the snare.

Enter PI.

Designed to enhance any mix, PI dynamically rotates the phase of the individual mixer channels to achieve maximum phase correlation within the mix. PI minimizes negative interaction and significantly improves the overall sound of the mix. Just drop PI into the last insert slot of each of your DAW mixer channels and listen.


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I don’t think those are similar. X-Phase and Sound Radix PI perhaps. Auto-Align is time correction only.

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Klanghelm's SDRR, as mentioned, is an interesting choice. It's basically a saturator with a lot of permeters, including a "desk" mode. It models crosstalk and several paths to saturation. Inexpensive and useful

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Sound radix pi may be the most important plugin I use. It goes on the post fader insert. How many regular inserts are there?

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