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Soulsby Synthesizers Atmegatron
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The Atmegatron is a revolutionary synthesizer that takes classic 80s Chiptune sounds and adds powerful new features.
Musicians will love it because it is quick and easy to create and manipulate amazing sounds. The Atmegatron can do everything from bright square wave leads, to dirty basses, to wild sci-fi effects.

Programmers will love it because it is built on the Arduino platform and the software is open source. This allows programmers to change or add new features and upload them to the Atmegatron.

  • 8-bit monophonic MIDI synthesizer
  • Unique Wavetable PWM Synthesis audio engine.
  • Quick and intuitive controls, no complex menu systems
  • Stylish white aluminium case with walnut side panels
  • Many features controllable by MIDI:
  • mod & pitch wheels, filters, portamento and more
  • 16 preset sounds that can be overwritten with your own patches


Just got back from the London synth expo all. Volca FM was amazing. sounds exactly like a dx7, 6 operators, 3 voices. no word on an external editor. soulsby atmegatron. 8bit glitchy formant madness Abstract Data, probably the best sounding demo here and all he did was set off the sequencer XD <--- almost true also not pictured were Modal, Novation, Arturia and moog, had...

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What gear are you thinking about selling next, and why?

...stuff as I have. All of this Black Friday/Cyber Monday stuff has rekindled an interest in software so.... Currently disconnected: Fantom G6 MPC500 Atmegatron DM10 On deck for disconnection: Integra MPC1000 Future disconnection: Virus TI2 Nord Lead 4 Nord Drum 3P Blofeld MPC5000 If after everything is pulled out, I end up not missing it, it's getting sold. I'm looking at replacing the last section with V-Collection, Korg Legacy,...

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What is this setup missing, and why?

Alright party people, this is a real setup. If you could add only one modern piece (used or new for about $600 or less) what would it be and why? Analog 4, Analog Rytm, Reface DX, Blofeld, TR-8, TD-3, Modal Craft 2, Soulsby Atmegatron, Microfreak Vocoder Edition.

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