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Sony MDR-7520
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Sony's MDR-7520 professional headphones are top of the line. Given that Sony's pro headphones are ubiquitous in studios worldwide, the MDR-7520s must be pretty impressive (they are). The MDR-7520s employ pliable earpads that are so comfortable you may forget you have 'phones on - except for the ultra-accurate sonics emanating from the high-tech drivers. You'll hear details in your mixes you didn't even know were there. For your professional convenience, the oxygen-free copper cable detaches and reattaches again, quickly and securely. If you're in the market for a serious pair of monitor headphones, the Sony MDR-7520s are about as serious as it gets.


Best mixing headphones!

Anyone heard the new Sony 7520 or 7510?

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Avantone Pro Announces All New Planar Headphones My current setups are: home studio - Focal Solo 6 BE w/ Dynaudio subs, ATH R70x and Sony 7520 cans, Mytek 8x96 DA, Dangerous Source headphone amp my work production room - Meyer HD1 (A) - Neumann kh120 (B) w/ Dynaudio subs, same cans, Mytek 8x96 DA, Dangerous Monitor headphone amp my work...

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Headphones with Exaggerated Bass

Hi, I'm looking for some headphones that have an exaggerated bass response. Headphones that sound boomy. I'm currently using the Sony 7520s but they're just way too neutral. Any ideas?

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