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Sony MDR-7509
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MDR-7509/1 professional headphone, designed for critical listening applications

For those who listen for a living
The MDR-7509/1 represents the latest in headphone design & materials technology. With an incredible 3,000 mW power handling capacity, the MDR is the perfect studio monitoring headphone, capable of delivering a high SPL & dynamic range. The 50mm amorphus diamond driver creates transparent, powerful sound, with the security of perfect isolation.

The MDR-7509/1 is the Professional Reference Headphone, ideal for outside broadcast, studio & DJ applications.


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...extension cable (1) 8ft power extension cable e/ 3-outlet high capacity surge protector. LED wall outlet tester (2) pairs of Sony 7509 headphones Misc patch cables & adapters Gaffers tape, paper masking tape, velcro cable wraps Log books, “Do Not Enter – Recording in Progress” signs (1) folding (roll-up) 1M X 1M portable table. LED flashlight, extra pens/pencils, small tape measure, DMM,...

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Looking for detailed, analytical Headphones! frustrations on how there's virtually NOTHING that compares because for almost every pair I've tried in comparison to my 7509's, I've been extremely disappointed. Well as luck would have it, I found TWO pairs on eBay that I bought immediately and they just need new ear pads and a headband. I live in an apartment....

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Looking for detailed, analytical Headphones!

Pretty sure it was the former... however... I know... but what if this was your chance to revolutionize the corporate mono-streaming-culture... or at least make mono great again. heppy No... it's not the exact same mix. Even if it is. The whole premise on my hair-brained scam... er.. marketing plan is based on the unassailable uniqueness of...

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