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Sony DMX-R100
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Which audio card for my Sony DMX-R100?

Hello everyone, i recently bought a Sony DMX-R100 with 4 Sony DMBK-R103 cards for a total of 24 channels, now i'm looking an audio card for my pc and connect it to the DMBK-R103, i don't know if choose some MADI or which audio card for this. Can anybody help me?. Thanks

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Sony DMX-R100 screen went black - looking for anyone with knowledge...

With so many of us owning SONY DMX-R100's, many will eventually find themselves with the touchscreen dying. Only two issues are known to occur in time to any touchscreen. 1. The touchscreen power inverter fails or, 2. the tubes fail. If you shine a flashlight at your screen at an angle and...

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Small mixers that can do 96KHz

Thats pretty old thread, but maybe you still havent found that kind of console... To cut this story short, Allen&Heath Dlive can do that!)

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