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The Hammersmith

Soniccouture The Hammersmith
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..It might be. Pianos are very personal.
There is always another 'greatest': more samples, more articulations, more tricks.
The Hammersmith is our take on that.
We think it's smoother to play, cleaner-sounding and a bit more real than any other sampled piano out there.
We hope you agree.

When you play a note on a piano, one string rings.
When you play a note and press the sustain pedal, all the strings ring.
Most piano VSTis only do the first thing, and then fake the second thing.
We recorded both.
21 velocity layers per note with sustain pedal up and down.
When you press down your sustain pedal, you'll understand why we did it.


Sonic Couture's New Steinway D Library, The Hammersmith Out Now

Thanks for the feedback guys - all very welcome, we're curious to hear how the piano is being received. I guess it's ok to mention the intro offer: Get €10 / $20 off The Hammersmith Standard Edition ENTER CODE: 33KK288 Get €30 / $40 off The Hammersmith Professional Edition ENTER CODE: 7EYHEGF Offer ends 1st May 2015

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Sonic Couture's New Steinway D Library, The Hammersmith Out Now

...crisp, phase-accurate recording in a stunning room is not within most people's experience. And that is what you hear with The Hammersmith. James

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Tears for Fears "Song from Big Chair" and "Sowing the Seeds of Love"

...I note they're still active. Many years ago not sure when, might of been 2005 I went to see them at the Hammersmith Apollo, Curt was using a studio condenser mic on stage instead of a dynamic .... they were using IEM very cutting edge, it was a great sound coming off stage, I remember...

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