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Solid State Logic FX-G384
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The SSL FX-G384 Compressor is the original rackmount version of the classic SSL G Series console stereo output compressor. Selectable fixed attack, release and ratio values, but variable threshold and gain make up.


What's on your master bus? (analog only please)

SSL FX-G384. I might add an EQ some time in the near future.

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What's on your master bus? (analog only please)

...tallies! COMPRESSORS 20 API 2500 13 Manley Vari-Mu 11 A Designs Nail 11 Smart C2 9 Cranesong STC-8 9 Dramastic Obsidian 9 Shadow Hills Mastering Comp 8 UBK Fatso 7 SSL 6 Thermionic Culture Phoenix* 5 Daking Fet II 5 Focusrite Red 3 5 Neve 33609 5 Pendulum OCL-2 5 SSL FX-G384 5 TK Audio BC1 4 Chandler TG 12413 ZenerLimiter 4 Drawmer 1968 4 Elysia Xpressor 4 Pendulum ES-8 4 Pendulum*PL-2 4 Roll Music RMS755 4 Smart C1 3 Fearn VT-7 3 Foote P3S 3 Regular John Master Buss Compressor 3 Portico 5043 3 Shadow Hills Dual Vandergraph 3 SSL-G Series Bus Compressor 3 Vertigo VSC-2 3 Waves L2 2 API 527 2 Dave Hill Designs Titan 2 DBX 160SL 2 EAR 660 2 Fairchild 670 2 JDK...

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Thinking of trying new mix bus compressor for mainly modern metal

Look into an original SSL G384. Expensive sure. But it adds some mid saturatio, excitement which I haven't heard in any clone and iVe tried most of them. You need to mod it and install a HP filter because it's pretty unusable in a modern context without. Red 3 + SSL is also nice!

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